Monday, June 11, 2007

you can stand under my umbrella, eh eh eh

i don't know why i love sundays so much. but i do. here's how it went down yesterday....

i had finished the hard part of creating the promo CD "heal" for out out & about event - ie. actually mixing the cd live, recording it, then using music editing software to "cut" the individual tracks. cause i know how johnbrown loves it so much when i give him one of my mixes and it is one single track. but what i didn't realize is how long it would take to burn all 50 cds. long story short --- i bike to get my car, stop by office depot for supplies, and spend the entire day burning cds and labels, reminding myself along the way that my time and effort will hopefully have an impact on a child in need. Rainbow house really is an important charity.

cut to Shout where after some major technical adjustments i was able to hook my equipment into both the house system as well as the enormous JBLs surrounding the "dj booth". of course i wasn't even close to being set up when a couple of queens working the very last bit of serotonin from memorial day weekend in pensacola were requesting, no demanding that i play "Glamorous", the chris cox remix of "hurt", and the new enrique iglesias "ping pong song". when i replied that i didn't have any of those songs (and not really sad about it one bit), they scowled at me in disgust. i mean really. these guys think that if i don't have the newest Tony Moran big room circuit remix of "insert any tired diva vocalist" then i am not a good dj. whatever. i am sorry if you find out about the hottest new songs by buying the latest Masterbeat cd compilation. yawn.

the party was very well attended, and as per usual, there was a whole slew of beautiful men i have never seen before. equally, there were several out & about regulars, many that i know very well. so well that at one point i looked up only to see 4 guys within a six feet radius of me with whom i have slept with. great.

when the place became real crowded, i caved in and played what they wanted to hear. as someone told me on sunday, "you can't change them". they want to hear kimberley locke, heather headley, and christina. and if i can keep these boys happy, drinking, and spending their money, then that is what i will do.

i managed to throw in some older tracks between the whomped up thunderpuss-double-extended-eleven-minute-big-room-club-house-diva-remixes. and like clockwork, they ate it up. i mean how can you not enjoy hearing a remix of echo and the bunnymen- lips like sugar? on a side note, i might have ended the night with the hot chip remix of amy winehouse - rehab.

flippy and the assistant were kind enough to help transport my equipment back to my condo. and then it we headed over to the assistant's pad for a post Shout recap. jarrett (my bearded date from tuesday) and dori (the love of my life) joined us, and over a few beers, we recounted the night and solved ALL of the worlds problems....... and then there was monday.

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Jfly said...

Three words on your performance on Sunday:
Un. Believably. Good.