Monday, June 04, 2007

keep on jumpin, let your body fly

the weekends are just too short. here's what happened.....

friday night was so beautiful so erik and i went on our own TOGA or Tour of Gay Atlanta ifyouwill. we started with drinks at blake's and left just as the skating rink dj announced that the drag show would be starting soon.

on to amsterdam, or the gay Dave & Buster's as i call it. i just cannot figure out that place, and it is apparent that the owners cannot either. they are trying to cater to everyone, and despite the efforts, they seem to lose everyone. it should be called "pre-heretic" as the place goes from packed to deserted at the midnight hour. so we did as everyone else, we ventured on to the heretic where the music was mediocre at was the crowd.

saturday = on call = time to mix next week's Out & About CD titled "Heal". I am really happy with how it turned out. i plan on posting the mix as well as the tracklisting later in the week.

and then there was sunday. john brown cooked brunch for twelve of us and it was really amazing. my favorite part was the blueberry cobbler with creme fresh. delicious! and a typical sunday ensued. i picked up foreman mid afternoon, and we headed to barry's "summer fest porch party". strangely, i didn't know very many people there, but of course, there were several guys there i would like to know better. on to admire mark and chris's new renovation on elmhurst, and shocker, on to blake's....cause it's on the way home after all. i managed to chat with beardy mcbeardyton that i met only a few days ago. so i flipped the switch and landed a dinner date this week. maybe my 3 month drought is coming to an end.....

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