Tuesday, June 27, 2006

and when all your dreams have turned....into dust

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No, I didn't take this photo out in Paulding County, it was actually taken in Athens, Georgia. Go figure, a college town with southern boys, so the above sign is real important if you 'dip snuff....

You see, I was there for a wedding. And it was a big weekend, it being Pride and all, so there is much to discuss.

Friday night, I spun an A-List Pride Party hosted by LittleJohn and his crew over at the Plaza midtown, complete with rainbow decorations and a couple of middle-aged bartenders that I presume were straight. Though I did catch them bouncing side to side to the beat later in the night. In true gay fashion, no one really arrived until after 9pm. but when they did, they marched in like the doozers on fraggle rock. geez, I couldn't believe how many handsome men were packed into that clubhouse. Though my set wasn't planned, I just fed off of the energy in the room and I feel that everyone enjoyed the music. i even spotted anderson cooper in the crowd, and word is he flew in just to hear me spin....or that is just what I keep telling myself.

I drove to Athens on Saturday for a wedding for a college friend. With Diane in tow, I had to nap before heading off to the wedding with Becky as my date. Now never having been a bride, i just don't understand why someone would have an outdoor wedding in the middle of June in Georgia. It is safe to say that I didn't stop sweating until almost midnight. and it was a highly emotional wedding. The bride, a girl i dated in college and have know for over twelve years, cried throughout the ceremony. afterwards, food was served (again outside, at least it was under a very large tent) and later a band inside? we danced and i continued to sweat.

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