Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Making love to you is a habit

Last night, I went with Mark and Chris to hear Bonnie Raitt at Chastain. One of my many new years resolutions was to attend more concerts, instead of going out to the same clubs to hear the same DJs. Believe it or not, I do enjoy other types of music. Hell I was a spreadhead at one point in my life. So we packed several bottles of wine and headed to north buckhead in the blazing afternoon heat. parking was an issue, and we drove past several of the reserved lots, and even asked one of the uniformed officers where we could pay to park. She asked, "how much you willin' to pay", and when I replied with "$20" she laughed. so i drove on and later found a free spot that required some very skilled parallel parking.

it was damn hot outside and so we started drinking the white wine, being sardonnay shipping queens that we are, and soon I had a nice buzz going. nevermind the fact that we didn't plan well like all the other suburbanites with the full spread of light bites and chicken fingers. Mark brought us all back hotdogs that managed to soak up some of the alcohol.

Bonnie came out and I was really impressed with how beautiful a voice she really has. Even in her Late 50's, she was stunning, both visually and acoustically. The majority of the show featured new tracks from her 18th album, yes 18th, with a perfect blend of rock, blues, and even country. Towards the end of the show, she did break out some of her signature tracks like "something to talk about" and "I can't make you Love me" which gave me chills.

It seems that everyone caught a brief glimpse of Diane this morning. I wonder why?

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