Tuesday, June 27, 2006

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I drove back on Sunday s it was time for me to get my Pride on and spend some time with the gays. Eric and Johnbrown hosted a wonderful party on 11th street. I showed up at 1pm with Pride tunes in hand only to be greeted to a packed condo with just about all of my friends. And just like clockwork, the rain came, only this time the lightning was close by and later caused the closing of piedmont park. that was fine, as we just continued to be Proud on the porch. it was much fun indeed. we later walked through the drizzle to Brad and Joel's for more porch time. and without planning, we did make it to Eleven50 for the T-Dance but I left after only about two hours. The place was entirely too dark, and unlike Backstreet, they don't have lit staircases. oh, and I was wearing shorts and wet sneakers from the aforementioned walk through the park and just wasn't feeling too cute.

And then there was the music. I was interested in hearing Chus & Ceballos but I am not sure that their progressive Iberican Sound from Portugal is the appropriate type of music to be playing at a closing Pride Tea Dance. What happened to Classics? Pete Heller - Big Love? Fun? Happy? Half the people there were all chewed up from partying all weekend, and the other half were just having trouble getting into the groove with the theater filled with reverberating sounds. I walked home around 9:45pm and called it a night. There is always next year.

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