Monday, February 14, 2005

Smells Like Clean Spirit

and a clean weekend it was. i found myself a little tired on friday after a brief "pop in" at Halo on Thursday night. the guest dj miles maeda was excellent, but way too short...almost miniature. the crowd was cute and the drinks were strong, as usual.

i thought that friday would be short and sweet, but what was i thinking? it turned out to be really really long, like 16 hours long....and i was on call. needless to say, i was tired by 1 am and ready to go home.

had my first experience at 'pot n pan' restaurant on saturday morning w/robert and i must say the food was good (and greasy) and very cheap. and, it was packed with queens i might add. went shopping all day but didn't buy anything. if you find yourself in west midtown, drop by direct wholesale furniture on Ellsworth industrial. the hot, hot, double hair pump swarthy latin man that greets you is, well, just that!

woke up to the pager going off on sunday morning. seems people have heart attacks on the weekend, go figure. i was slightly amused to hear my first patient tell me that the two men waiting for her in the waiting room were her ex husband and her boyfriend. and they all live together in one happy trailer.....hey sordid lives! found myself in a very productive cleaning mode sunday evening, and passed on the monthly T-Dance thrown by Rob & Fernando. I am sure it was much fun though, plus you can't go wrong at Eleven50.

TOTD: Jupiter Ace - 1000 years. With the Winter Music Conference less than a month away in Miami, there is much buzz in the music industry regarding this track. sure, it's cheesy, but damn catchy. some call it an anthem, with a 'tish of disco. i like it, nuff said. i'm just waiting for the Steve Lawler Remix, should be proper. it can be purchased at bangbangrecords. there are sound clips available as well.

Till next time.....

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