Thursday, February 17, 2005

Where have all the cowboys gone...

it's official. atlanta gay nightlife is dead, at least during the week. my little TOGA (tour of gay atlanta) with bret last night was less than spectacular. in fact, it was rather disappointing. after several pitchers of PBR at moe's and joe's (and reassurance that diane would join us later in the evening), we swung by woofs to play pool. well, there weren't any otters in attendance last night. there wasn't anyone in attendance to be specific, so we dropped by Blake's for a cocktail.

what a sad scene. how many abercombie & fitch T-shirts, woven leather belts, and acid washed jeans do you see? Tooo many.

so we headed to west midtown to do a little shoe shopping at the Northside Ballet. again, disappointment ensued, including the crowd and the dancers. we were, however, treated to a celebrity appearance by R.C. Surprise!

after picking out diane's outfit for the next day, i had to release with a lengthy VJO. as I sat in bed wondering why no one goes out during the week, i realized that atlanta needs something new. well, spring is around the corner. plans are being made. and it revolves around music. am i being vague?......i sure am. so stay tuned for more info.

next up:
  • the grand opening of The Loft high above West peachtree
  • deep dish featuring dubfire at Eleven50

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