Tuesday, October 24, 2006

at night, I lock the door where no one else can see

last night i spent the better part of the evening on the innerweb. no, i wasn't cruising online, just doing a litle preparatory work for the halloween party i am spinning on saturday night. and it still amazes me what you can find out there in terms of music, new and old. it just takes patience and a little inside knowledge.

and after a couple of hours and nearly an entire bottle of cabernet, i found the little gem i was looking for. (hey red wine on a monday is heart healthy and i felt much better when johnbrown texted me shortly after 9pm to proclaim that he too was enjoying a bottle or two..) anyway, without giving too much away, it's a track that David LaSalle always plays at one of his weekly sunday night "Plastic Disco" parties at the A-House. It turns out to be the original 12" mix and I can't wait to play it on Saturday.

work was unusually slow today, so after lunch, i stopped by the CVS to purchase some Claritin-D. little did i know that now all products that contain even the smallest amount of sudafed are kept behind the counter. but it doesn't stop there. not only do they have to check you ID, but you now have to fill out forms in a notebook with your name, address, and the item you are purchasing (even going so far as putting down how many grams of sudafed are contained in the 10 tablets). geez. I felt like I was doing something illegal, as the line behind began to back up. It was more embarrassing than purchasing a twin pack of Fleet's at the local Walgreens and seeing one of your friends in line behind you. thank god my condo board banned meth labs on our balconies or i would be in trouble.

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