Monday, October 30, 2006

you touch my mind in special places

i hate to say it buy i am really glad that halloween is almost over. something about the pressure of finding the right costume that is innovative and creative and funny just makes me dread it. that and the fact that i am a procrastinator and usually score a back up costume the very day of the party. but not this year. my costume was Napoleon Dynamite, which i guess is sort of funny and practical for someone who is busy DJing a party. I didn't need to be foolin' with a mask or makeup.

friday night I intended to stay in and organize my music, but a call from 5th street summoned me out of the house, and soon i was drinking wine over at johnbrown's house. we later took a trip over to Amsterdam. We bypassed the dancefloor (which was completely empty, and made me wonder where people go to dance on a friday? heretic?) and congregated at the bar. I just don't love that place.

so i fixed breakfast for diane on saturday morning and then ran a few errands. the mayor stopped by for a quick visit and to borrow Davita's wig. He makes a beautiful Uma Thurman.

Now I thought the Halloween party on Saturday night was fun. and as expected, no one really showed up until 10pm, but they were there to have a good time. i looked up at one point and spotted a few guys dancing with their shirts off. (remember I was spinning outside under a tent in the 40 degree weather). one handsome gent named Gunther came up and entertained me with his knowledge of UK house music, only to find that i did in fact have the obscure request for Leg Soup - Wonderland. I apparently gave him and several others my phone number, but I am convinced he only wants me for my mind (or is it music) and not my body. I have, however, had calls for future gigs; a commitment ceremony (seems i am second choice next to Kimberly S) and two bat mitzvahs. nice.

the party ended rather quickly, as everyone was in a hurry to get the The Jungle. and i went too, as much as i don't love that place. it was crazy packed, and I tried to find my groove in three separate places on the dancefloor but just couldn't. plus the music started to turn into sounds not songs so i exited without giving notice. guess i am getting old.

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