Wednesday, October 18, 2006

i'm stuck inside a hurricane

here are a few random things on my mind today:

the new employee at work is super hot and guess who was asked to train him? turns out he is straight, married, loves bluegrass music, and met his wife at a "revival" in middle tennessee. i haven't had the heart to tell him that i am gay, and i find it funny when he picks out girls at work and in hospital that I should "ask out". he is very funny, and for that he gets big points. today i told him i was a dj, and he replied, "before i really got into bluegrass music (which i equate with findin' Jesus), I was into techno music and raves. "oh really, i replied? what was your favorite song?". He comes back with, "ever heard of the funk phenomenon?" WHAT? WHAT?

the weather in atlanta is hot and cold, then rainy, hot again. everyone at work is coughing and eating up the mucinex like pez candy. thank god i TOOK a flu shot at employee health today. thankyouverymuchbetty.

maybe the old lady next door didn't die. but i was surprised to see her navy blue dodge spirit to go missing over the weekend. maybe she was getting a tune up? not so lucky. a shiny Audi A4 showed up yesterday...... along with cute little couple in their early 30s. looks i will have to turn the music down...

i finally see things coming back to life at the space across from my condo where the restaurant named the Waterhouse was set to open almost 2 years ago. i heard that one of the owners ran off with all the money, so the place has been vacant and lifeless. but i'm not one to gossip, so you didn't hear the from me.....

Pet Shop Boys.......tomorrow night. 'nuff said.

Tune of the Day: Jamiroquai - runaway. Really into Grant Nelson's remix here. it's housey, it's groovy. check it out.

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