Monday, October 02, 2006

i'll let you whip me if i misbehave...

and i really did behave this weekend. here is what happened...

friday night, johnbrown and i attended a cocktail party over at the plaza midtown. i tell ya, just when you think you know everyone in this town, twenty more handsome men pop up. and they did. terry's condo is really beautiful. and the party was real real nice, and johnbrown was fixin my drinks real real strong. and soon i found myself talking to a handsome boy fresh out of the army. i was flattered when he told me he thought i was 21 years old, What? but soon a chicken hawk swooped in and i just wasn't up for that battle. plus, i knew i had to be up early in the am. so the voice of reason told me to leave, and we stumbled home to our respective midtown abodes in preparation for a morning cuddle with diane.

diane sure did make the drive to chattanooga unpleasant on saturday morning. but thanks to a cup of coffee and an western egg press panini compliments of the wild bean cafe on wade green road, she finally quieted down and went to sleep. we met up with todd and brad at the puzzle queens's house, then departed for a nice hike in the mountains. after a late lunch, and a stroll through "culture fest" in the park, we made our way to the entrance of the walnut street bridge. you see, we were here for Wine Over Water, an annual wine festival benefiting historic preservation in Chattanooga. 48 tents of wine and food from local restaurants, all along one of the longest pedestrian bridges in the world, that goes over the tennessee river. it was a lof of fun, drinking, socializing with random people, and an excellent place to people watch. as the sun began to set, the festival came to an end, and we realized how tipsy we were. dinner at Hennen's was good, it think. the bar was cool i remember. hmm..

sunday's drive back to atlanta was fun as johnbrown and i listened to the entire Grease soundtrack. even going so far as to change the lyrics to summer lovin' to a cheeky little number about our FUN in ptown.....what?

and what a beautiful day it was in atlanta. after a 15 mile bike ride to emory and back, we had a late lunch at Moes & joes and then a little porch time at johnbrowns. bret and i might have ridden our bikes to blake's for a drink or four but i was home by 8pm. now, that sounds respectable, don't it? thanks betty.

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