Monday, February 19, 2007

i can't say that i'm not lost and at fault

with all the tabloid coverage of miss spears and her erratic behavior in the last few days, it has me wondering what kind of statement she is actually trying to make. seriously, it kind of reminds me of that old 80s movie, "the legend of Billie Jean", you know where she gets on TV and screams, "Fair is Fair!". I suspect things will only get worse for this troubled Looosianan laydee. next up, britney exiting a limousine in beverly hills with a visible coke ring in her left nare. and if anyone could produce such a photo, it would be perez hilton.

last week, i counted nearly eight new remixes of JT's newest single, "What comes around (goes around". each one a little different. and i really like the track, including Paul van dyk's progressive-trance remix . i'm looking forward to his concert next week here in atlanta. a full review to follow.

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