Saturday, February 10, 2007

whenever blue teardrops are falling

so it's true. i may have secured a promo copy of Tracey Thorn's new album, "out of the woods", due to be released on March 7. guess it pays to have dj friends in Europe. this is the first solo release from Tracey in twenty five years, the last one coming out in 1982 just before she joined Ben Watt to form Everything but the Girl. and i have been listening to it all week; in the car, at home on my computer, even at work during procedures. and the more i listen, the more i like it. she has such a beautiful and unique voice, though at times on this album she reminds me of annie lennox. my favorite track so far is #11, called "raise the roof". more reviews to come.

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Anonymous said...

You're right; Tracey does sound a lot like Annie Lennox. It's funny, because I thought she sounded familiar, and I still couldn't place that she was similar to one of my favourite musicians ever. Raise the Roof is a great song, my other favourite is It's All True; it definetly has a great 80's/Eurythmics-esque vibe to it I think.