Monday, February 12, 2007

show me what the girl does, to the boy

after listening to tracey thorn's new album a few more times, i have to say that I agree with johnbrown in regards to track #4, called "get around to it". it's sexy, real sexy. i can't wait to see which tracks will be remixed off of the new album, and if Ben Watt will be commissioned for any of the remixes.

my trip to ikea on saturday was anything but productive. i did have my first dining experience in the cafe where i chose the swedish meatballs and steamed vegetables. and let me tell ya, i have never seen so many fat people from the burbs grazing up in there. and going back seconds and thirds, often pretending that it was their first time at the buffet.

i did find a small wall mount bathroom cabinet, perfect to organize all of my hair product and salves, only to later find that the aforementioned piece of furniture is only available online. i find that place to be totally confusing when it comes to locating an item. much like i find itunes to be completely user unfriendly. first you have to know the name, then the location based on aisles and rows. the only problem is that the one item that I was interested in had neither of these. and when i attempted to use the "computer finder kiosk" it wasn't much help either. so i left empty handed.

dinner at sweet lime on saturday night was great, and an overdue trip to mary's was fun as well. though the crowd was anything but cute. being on call, i couldn't get quite the buzz in needed to perform at kary-OK. clearly, there are a few regular performers up in there. including the cute but annoying pocket-gay army cadet, part of the second series military line. apparently, he likes to get up on stage every saturday night and see just how well he can butcher a song in hopes of coming across as super cute. sort of a Top Gun character though not nearly as handsome but equally as crazy as Tom Cruise. i probably could have come off as talented had i chosen to sing right after him.

and sunday featured a nice visit with the family and a celebration of mom's birthday. it's funny, we all got together for her special day and she ends up cooking. but she loves to cook, so the digital meat thermometer was a welcomed gift. as well as the fancy chocolates i picked up at chocolate pink. she called me today to tell me how good they are. my nephew Carter, pictured above, is finally in that stage where he is starting to interact. i can tell by his red hair and demeanor that he is going to be a handful.
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beatrice elizabeth said...

"Ikea" is an ancient Swedish word for "trapped in hell for two-and-a-half hours."

I'm not kidding.