Tuesday, February 20, 2007

on your keychain, or in the coffee spoon

with the winter music conference exactly one month away, new music continues to emerge in hopes of making an appearance in miami. if you aren't familiar with the WMC, it is a week long celebration of house music where the biggest DJs, promoters, producers, and musicians converge in miami for a festival of sorts. the official conference is held during the day, but at night, the city of miami comes alive. each night, record labels host parties at various clubs and venues, some of which are private and very esoteric. having only attended the WMC once back in '03, it is paradise for a DJ like myself. i remember distinctly attending a Nervous records party and standing five feet away from peter rauhofer, satoshi tomiie, and chris cox.

my buddy arjan has already commented on sophie ellis bextor's new track called "catch you". if you remember back four or five years ago, sophie had a popular song called "murder on the dancefloor" that got major play in the US. this time, she returns with a track remixed by none other than miki moto and bobby blanco, collectively known as moto blanco. unlike most of their other remixes, this time they take on a slightly more progressive-tinged house sound that is very refreshing. check out arjan's blog for a streaming sample.

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