Wednesday, February 21, 2007

what started out as a dreary, rainy morning has quickly taken a 180 degree turn and become simply beautiful here in atlanta. a stark contrast from deer valley, where a group of my friends are snow skiing. i should be there, however, the powers that be, ie: work, have kept me here. i am reminded every day by the picture messages i receive from the ski slope and apres ski. but i'm not complaining, because the next several days here are supposed to be beautiful. is spring here for good? always nice to drive down 10th street and see the Georgia Tech track team out for a run....shirtless.

so it's ash wednesday, and it always makes me chuckle to see all the overweight nurses running for the hospital chapel to get "ashed" by on of the local catholic priests. this is a time where they vow to give up something for lent. diet coke, eating out a fast food restaurants, chocolate, all the things that single nurses cherish in life. only to fall back off the wagon in due time and stretch out their elasticized landau scrubs. thank god for polyester and lycra. and support hose.

so i had an idea for a new betty butterfield skit. cause it has been way too long since we have had any new material from her. in her endless search for the right church, this time betty decides to visit the hospital chapel and take in one of their services. only to find out there way too many prayer requests for Ethel and her hip replacement, or ardell and her terrible case of pneumonia. what about betty and her prayer needs?

she will, however, find it very convenient that the hospital chapel is located adjacent to the gift shop. and those lovely ladies of the auxiliary in pink smocks are happy to assist you with any of your "get well" gift ideas. candles, incense, lace doilies, get well cards, silk flowers. it's like being in a glorified michael's craft store.

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