Monday, March 05, 2007

even your emotions had an echo, in so much space

they say that most disagreements in life, whether it be at work or at home, often times arise from miscommunication. in my case, it could probably be attributed to a lack of communication. i tend to analyze and over analyze things in my head, yet hold these feelings and thoughts inside for fear of the insecurities and vulnerabilities that may come from laying it all out of the line. in fact, every year when it comes time for my annual review, my only fault is that I tend to try to please everyone at work, often times avoiding conflict and confrontation. but alas, these are things that take time to change and overcome, and i'm working on it. so i spent that better part of last night thinking when i should have been sleeping, i know that relationships aren't easy, they take work and are never guaranteed. but as long as two people are clear about what they are feeling, a solid base can be established and you work from there.

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