Thursday, March 15, 2007

the sun always shines on TV

.....and here is my niece, little Molly-Catherine, demonstrating what happens
when you decide to run down the hill after getting off of the school bus. note:
she didn't lose her front tooth in this accident, just secured a fractured arm
and a very colorful cast.

the new LA fitness over at atlantic station is now open and let me tell ya, it is
without a shortage of hot boys. and the native atlantans are really enjoying the
basketball courts....

it seems i am going on a date with the aforementioned boy i met last thursday
night. i admit it, i was tipsy. what? and eric has ASSURED me that he is in fact very cute......
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1 comment:

E said...

TRUST me...he's cute...but he might have been a little retarded...

Is that a problem?