Monday, March 19, 2007

you have it all, the latest, the greatest

i'm still trying to figure out why i felt so good today. i'm not complaining, but it just doesn't add up....

after two days on call, i was ready to cut loose and have some fun. so after the gym and a yummy breakfast at pot and pan, i set out on a bike ride with bret and johnbrown. it was a near perfect early spring sunday in atlanta, the sky so crisp and clear. we biked through GA Tech (a little too cold for the frat boys to go shirtless), atlantic station, and the highlands. lunch with dori at my favorite spot, Quattro, meant we also started drinking beer. on to BJ's for more libations where at one point i remember bj dancing on his coffee table to one of my new years cds. :)

then to blake's where it was clear upon entering that queens had been drinking since noon. and i mean cocktailed up and horny. if i had any question as to where Diane might be today, i could bet money she was with heyward......

follow up phone calls today revealed a juicy bit of gossip involving Hottie McPecs that lives just a few floors below me..... sprechen se deustch?

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