Tuesday, December 26, 2006

heaven holds a sense of wonder

despite being on call Christmas and spending nearly 8 hours doing double FUPA duty, i still managed to make it out to scarietta and spend some time with the family on Christmas day. as you can see, Carter isn't sure if he really likes his new UGA hat. but i had a good time, spent some quality time with Molly-Catherine aka beatrice-elizabeth, and of course enjoyed my mom's cooking immensely. next year, i have made a promise to myself that i will not be on call, which of course means i will [hopefully] be in a new job.

tomorrow night should be big fun. johnbrown and eric are hosting a holiday cocktail party over on 5th street. only this year, i plan on walking to said event and will not make an appearance as Ptown barbie.... Posted by Picasa

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