Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'll Lick your ice cream, and you can lick my lollipop

if you are a fan of Thai food like myself, then you should check out Spoon. located on Marietta Street in west midtown, this relatively new restaurant offers affordable thai cuisine in a really cute and cozy setting.

for starters, the nam tok beef salad comes on a bed of cabbage and purple onion and is really good. last night, i had the pad kraprao with beef which was a safe choice as it wasn't too hot. (i learned last time that I am not really cut out for a 3 chili pepper entree, especially on a first date. sweating at the dinner table is not pretty). if you like spicy, try the spicy mixed seafood. it is excellent but very hot.

if you know anything about house music, then you have probably heard of Sandy Rivera. This Puerto Rican born DJ who now resides in New York began playing records at the young age of 13. Sandy cites his musical influences throughout the years to come from disco, rap, hip hop, soul and pure house music. He has even released records and remixes from several different dj guises including soul vision, the committee, and Kings of Tomorrow. His hit released under the latter name KOT called "Finally" featured Julie McKnight on the vocals and was definitely an Ibiza anthem back in 2001. I even own that classic track on vinyl.

This year, Sandy returns with a new track called "Lollipop" that is nothing short of pure fun. It has that perfect "sassy black girl beat", an element that johnbrown finds essential to getting down and dirty on the dancefloor. call it the "milkshake" of 2006 if you will.

check out a sample here.


Kaley said...

Hey I have a quick quesion for ya. Do you remember the mix you did a while back it had With you by summer of space and it was a kaskade rock mix. I was wondering where you got a hold of that song because I've been looking everywhere but I can't buy that mix on CD. Its only on Vinyl.

Thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I heard it on a french radio, it's neat pure licking lollipop lol.

DJ JT said...

i thought I got it off of Beatport, but when I check, it isn't listed. I could probably get you a copy i just have to find it.


Kaley said...

That would be awesome. Thank You!

DJ JT said...

send me an email