Thursday, December 28, 2006

zephyr in the sky at night i wonder

well edna and johnbrown's holiday party last night was a huge success. what a good time was had by all, and according to johnbrown, it (the party) raged until nearly 3 am but luckily i was gone way before midnight. chalk one up to some self-control and good judgment.....what's that? i (luckily) was diane free this am, but i hear she made the rounds with several other party-goers including bret anne, who may just have ended up at the 'tic. (let me quickly put on my surprised face)...hehe

the food last night was nothing short of amazing. that johnbrown is a damn fine cook, and the grilled chicken on skewers with the satay peanut sauce are near perfect in my book. i spent much of the night crowded around the table (and the bar) and that was just fine by me.

so nice that eric's entire family came to the party last night. they sure are down with the gays, and are such delightful people. in fact, i looked around that party last night and realized how incredible genuine and very good looking my friends are. i guess you could say i am blest.......

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