Tuesday, January 02, 2007

for all those for whom music was a message

I hate to say it, but i am glad the holidays are over. there is something so hectic and stressful about the month of december with holiday parties, last minute christmas shopping, and all the new years eve rigamarole, that it sometimes becomes a blur. maybe that is just a function of me getting older, as clearly time seems to go by quicker every day. now i just have to make it through the middle of the month when i turn 31. yikes.

so far, 2007 has been real good to me. i spent the better part of the yesterday with a cute boy in the park. talk about beautiful weather.... and i found out today that one of my close friends has been promoted to president of the Condo Store. congratulations brad!

sure i have a few resolutions for the new year, don't we all? but mine starts with less time with diane, we are on a break.

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