Monday, January 22, 2007

close your eyes, count to ten, turn around, back again

looking at my new black eye in the mirror this morning, one would think that i must have had a pretty rambunctious weekend. looking back....

a failed attempt to have dinner with jeffrey had us running all of town. first to table1280, where it turned out they were having a private party. but they offered up wine and we stayed for a drink. then over to mall town to check out ashton kutcher's new restaurant Dolce. of course the wait was well over an hour. on to Strip, then the Grape, all with lengthy wait times. seems that business must be good in those parts. i mean, people from Dacula deserve their own place, right?

so we redeemed ourselves with a lovely brunch at murphy's on saturday, where the PGA women's golf tour bus must have stopped. i mean you couldn't pack more lesbians with wide wale corduroy in that place.

dinner at mitra for richard's birthday was delicious, though the service was miserably slow. i had the swordfish on a bed of Israeli couscous. perfect. then on to a party in ansley park at a house that was very beautiful....from the outside. then you walk in to see decoupaged gold wallpaper and every wrought iron animal from noah's ark. i'm talking a bombay company and kirkland's explosion. yucht.

oh whetbar, what ever will come of the? probably a 30 story condo building if things keep on keepin' on.

a west egg breakfast with tim and some loungin' with a cute boy. perfect day with the rain and cold. then over to bret's for soup and cornbread. i found it funny that the only person really paying any attention to the Saints game was the one lesbian amongst a group of ten gay guys. go figure.

now the black eye, that's for another day as it deserves a better story.

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Beatrice Elizabeth said...

Come now...a black eye?

At least you know he loves you...