Tuesday, January 16, 2007

we ride

unfortunately, diane showed back up this past weekend, and here i thought she made the trip to new york with todd and brad to celebrate the King festivities....

friday night, the going away party for Carrie turned into gay taco night at casa grande followed by a spin around the heretic dancefloor. that is where i learned that i am in fact getting older. it used to be i was the youngest in my group on a night out, however, when two of the guys i was with didn't know who Kim English was or better yet what the song "Unspeakable Joy" I was mortified. certainly, they must have just skipped class the day they covered "anthems" in gay finishing school. and if i never heard that song again it would be just fine by me.

a terrible shame spiral ensued on saturday as i overslept and missed my hair appurntment and never planned a lunch outing with my parents. i mean, these hairburners gotta eat and that was just plain dumb....to schedule a morning haircut of course.

so i redeemed myself and made the drive out to marietta on sunday morning, where my mom cooked me an amazing birthday breakfast, with blueberry waffles and bacon. we visited, and then i spent the better part of the afternoon with my sister and her family. after all, this is one of my resolutions for the new year, to see my family more.

cut to max's party where i chatted up a daddy yoga instructor who turned out to be there with his dreadful boyfriend. then on to the T Dance at Fever, which turned out to be fun. the music was pretty good. and i was having big fun until the quintuplet B - er, Big, Black, Bossy, Bottom in a Burberry shirt decided to stalk me on the Dancefloor. that's when i made my exit.

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