Thursday, January 11, 2007

flawless transgressions

i just love misheard lyrics as well as incorrect grammar. as i am guilty of both, and sometimes they occur at the same time. on new years eve, one of the late night stragglers at tim's party was attempting to pay me a compliment, only he said, "I must say, you have flawless transgressions". What? Keep in mind this was an overweight, balding, straight guy who had fled Alabama for the weekend, where he lives, because he called his wife a c*nt. yikes. that is almost as bas as calling your mom a bitch. but i knew he meant that I have "flawless transitions". in my music that is....

the boy scout and i had an excellent dinner last night at my new favorite restaurant, Quattro. it's a cute place, with excellent pizzas, salads, and paninis. how did i just discover this place? the staff is friendly, and the owner looks just like my Truro lover from Ptown. speaking of
P Town....

big changes are about to take place at work. this mornings mandatory staff meeting was very dramatic. i should have known that something big was going on when they made all members of my department conference call in at 6:30am, even if they had the day off. our business is down by 50% when compared to last year, and people are starting to worry if their job is secure. and here i thought there was a nursing shortage? and on top of that, my manager resigned today and let me tell ya, people got real emotional. makes me think '07 will be my final year at a place i almost call home.

what to do this weekend. my birthday is on tuesday, so i'm ready to celebrate.

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