Tuesday, January 30, 2007

for all i care

well my black eye has finally healed. after going from red to purple to a lovely hue i call jaundice yellow. which probably correlates well with my elevated liver enzymes.....but that's the beauty about the liver. it can regenerate.

the weekend was very nice. a lovely dinner with the johnbrown's on friday turned into a short twirl around the dancefloor at the 'tic. i wasn't really feeling it. the people were fun, but the dj was stuck in heavy diva rotation and if i have to hear that remix of beyonce's "ring the alarm" again then it would be too soon.

saturday was perfect. tim and i did a little shopping, and later did some people watching in the park. the most amusing was a group of patagonia-wearing-granola-lesbians playing bocce ball uphill. what? makes perfect sense. and it was clear what was on one of the gals' mind judging by the way she was chomping on her gum....

dinner at Shaun's was fantastic. i really like what they have done with the old Inman Park patio, and after reading such a great review in the AJC i was eager to check it out. tim had the hanger steak and i once again showed my redneck roots and ordered the chicken liver fettuccini. delicious and very rich.

the send off party for JohnCasey was fun, but the line for drinks tended to not flow and there was just something about the energy (or lack thereof) that again i wasn't feeling. maybe i was simply missing my gratitude stone?

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