Tuesday, December 26, 2006

my visit with becky and her new lover, Andy, was really special. they arrived sunday night and we had drinks at my condo and exchanged gifts. i think she really liked her Borghese gift set, but i was really blown away by her present to me. It is a painting by one of her favorite artists in Charleston, Carol Mcgill. The painting is of the various bridges in Charleston, in the exact colors of orange I have in my condo. (now i have no sense of decorating, so i owe all the credit to her).

we later joined joel and brad over at the H&H ranch, where dinner featured beef tenderloin, gnocci, and joel's signature winter salad. of course, being on q2h feedings, i went back for a second helping. wine was served and we had time after dinner to really get to know Andy. of course i liked him from the beginning as he introduced himself using his first and last name, a subtle southernism that i picked up, letting me know this boy has manners. and becky is so deserving of a handsome, genuine guy in her life. i can't think of anyone more deserving. Posted by Picasa

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