Wednesday, December 20, 2006

somewhere along in the bitterness

geez this week seems to be flying by, and i know exactly why. as usual, i haven't finished my christmas shopping. in fact, i think i have only purchased a total of two gifts. sometimes i think i set myself up for this stress, knowing that i do operate well under a short deadline. and the fact that I am on call this entire weekend is enough to make me get this job done by friday. we shall see.

all this and work is driving me crazy. if i have to hear one more person answer a question with a question i may just go postal. I am so sick of hearing "I don't care, I will do anything my team leader tells me." give me a break, are you not an adult and entitled to having an opinion for once in your life? my thoughts of a new job are heavy on my mind, and my mom keeps asking me what i want for christmas. (i finally told her to stop buying me clothes, as she tends to buy me things that my dad would wear. very nice and quite expensive, but I am 31 not 67 and I don't usually hang out at Opus 1. but maybe i should consider it?) so i thought of a perfect gift this year..... a new interview suit. and i am not talking one of those liquidated K&G ghetto suits, I want a nice one....from bloomingdale's.

so wish me luck as i battle the traffic tomorrow afternoon and throw myself into the thick of last minute shopppers desperate to find that perfect gift. But I have an advantage.....and it comes in the form of a list and a xanax.

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