Friday, December 22, 2006

you were working as a waitress at a cocktail bar

it seems that the holiday season has kept diane real busy. she made all the rounds in midtown this morning. let's figure out why...

i was really looking forward to my dinner date with Dori last night (she's the incredibly beautiful woman pictured above, by the way). we worked together for years at piedmont and now she works for one of my very good friends at Abbott. after catching up chez moi, we walked over to Ecco for dinner. and after finding out the wait for a table would be well over an hour, we were lucky and grabbed a table near the bar. the food was really good, this being my first time dining at ecco. we had the tuna crudo and mussels to start. they mussels came in a cream sauce with potatoes and leeks and were simply divine. (even better than the mussels at carroll street cafe). and we split the risotto with wild mushrooms. perfect. i love the atmosphere in ecco, it's warm and cozy and very romantic, and i was with the most beautiful woman in the place.

then it was off to Blake's to meet up with friends where it seems everyone was out to celebrate. the greats, the near-greats, and the junior league were all in attendance. even the drag queens (what? at Blake's?), which still make me very nervous. (is there something fundamentally wrong with a large black man dressed in a red feather dress doing a drag number to christmas songs? let's discuss). BJ and yoga Jason (who I must say complement each other so well) were set on getting me and Dori drunk. mission accomplished. thanks.

somehow we ended up at Wetbar (without taking the shuttle) where we were joined by the Mayor and Ty. and I was soon drinking water. you see, i had to work today unlike the other drunks in that place. dori and i left at a respectable hour, walking back to my place in the light rain and crashed. i woke up to diane hitting me on me on the head with one of those plastic fisher price mallets. i left her in bed for dori to entertain.

i'm really looking forward to a quiet weekend. i have presents to wrap (yes, i finished all of my christmas shopping yesterday in less than two hours). Beck-yay comes into town on Sunday and I am looking forward to dinner with her and Andy, her new boyfriend. looking for last minute stocking stuffers, I told mom I wanted a fleshlight. though i don't think you can buy them at home depot. Posted by Picasa

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