Monday, October 17, 2005

Have a very blessed Day..... heard from none other than Dorothy Huggins, the Piedmont Hospital cafeteria cashier. And I did have a blessed day, thankyouverymuch. And i am happy to report that there are still no signs of Diane. I think she may be over at Erik's.....just a hunch.

The weather in Atlanta this weekend was simply beautiful. It really reminded me of P-Town. After spending almost 5 hours helping Joel transfer his important files from his desktop to his shiny new laptop, I met Anthony and Kelli at Midcity Cafe. What a little hidden gem this place is. Like a tiny Halo, with very expensive drinks in small glasses with a lot of ice. But the scenery is great, and I mean great. My buddy Jefferson was spinning some house tunes and I was not disappointed.

Dori and I rode our bikes over to Atlantic Station on Saturday to check out the matinee. I was surprised to find that nearly all of the stores are open; Banana Republic, West Elm, Dillards.... And there was no one there.

Saturday night, I went with the Mayor and a few others to the Fancy Pants party. Turns out, the pants I borrowed from johnbrown were a hit. I received many compliments, and the matching shoes and jacket worked perfectly. I think I may have concocted this idea from Stiles Caldwell......

Sunday morning was the AIDS walk brunch at Laslie-Williams. Though the turnout was not as large as in previous years, it seems that everyone had a great time and we still managed to raise over $3000. The rest of the afternoon involved party hopping: Todd's, Hank's house for Tea, then Blake's where the line was out da door. We passed and went to Red Chair which was completely dead. Home in bed by 10pm, unlike some of my friends....

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