Monday, October 31, 2005

I hung up on you

I really love three day weekends. Even when they arrive unplanned and unexpected. So Thursday night was Supposed to be a quiet evening, you know, the Trevor Project event then maybe a drink at Halo. But when you go out with YogaJason, things can change....very quickly. Back to the Trevor Project. It was a nice crowd (cute and all) but I really expected a higher turnout. By Design is a nice space, but the different rooms provide for a party that is too spread out. I didn't even realize they had started the raffle until half way into it. But the reason we were there is a good one. Teen suicide. One of the speakers shared his experience about coming out in high school and the ridicule he faced. He befriended a girl who turned out to be a lesbian, then years later he finds out that shortly after high school she had committed suicide. Now I don't know what it is like for the kids these days, but growing up in South Georgia, I know it would have been tough for me back then. And many of the schools do not support the Trevor Project, so we must spread the word to kids across the nation that help is there 24 hours a day.

We went by JohnCasey's house for a quick drink then it was off to the opening of the new WetBar. It's real real nice, complete with two revolving dancefloors and a beautiful outdoor patio and garden. It should be nice as we have been waiting for almost 2 years for this transformation. Well, wouldn't you know that I lost track of time and the next thing you know it is 1:30am. Seeing as I was to work early, I made the executive and irrational decision that I would not go to work on Friday. I allot myself one of those "call in sick days" a year, and I hadn't used mine thus far. Let me remind you that Diane loves when you call in sick. So, once I put that behind me, it was off to The Assistant's for a libation or two.

Friday night, I stopped by Jody's for a celebratory glass of champagne. He closed on his new condo at Spire, and I must say that the building is quite beautiful. And I am not jealous...well, maybe just a little. I was sad to hear that a water pipe burst on the 12th floor ruining several units.

I met ChrisHeard, Kelli, and Holger for drinks at Midcity Cafe. Such a hidden gem this place is, and on Friday nights, my friend Jefferson spins house music. This place has sort of become our friday night spot, and we have become friends with some of the regulars in the place. Such a nice mix of straight and gay, and when I say straight....I mean metrosexual and hot. Jefferson's set was nearly perfect, so he invites us over to a house party he was spinning in the Fourth Ward, and we obliged. What a good time. I managed to chat with just about the cutest straight boy who shares almost identical tastes in music as I do. We talked, I smiled, I flirted, and he liked it.

And then there was Saturday. Bret came over sometime after 8pm in a white wedding dress, and I was his date in a lovely blue Tuxedo with ruffles, you know, Italian Wedding Style. The Halloween party was much fun. We met up with Erik, little john, johnbrown, and hottie mcLegs for a little dancin in the schoolhouse. My favorite track at the party had to be "Do I look Like a Slut", and I thoroughly enjoyed dancing to this song with none other than P-Town Barbie. She was wearing a lovely new hair piece. It was a blonde afro with a pretty White bow up on it. Klassy gal she is.

Then we all went back to WetBar to dance a little more. Though the place wasn't crowded, it was real real cute. And when I say cute, I am talking about the boys and not the decor. The highlight was joining Erik and P-Town Barbie on the revolving dancefloor with the extremely hot Italian sailor. Then we all took turns going to the middle to show off our signature move. I somehow forgot to perform "the worm". As I was telling Erik yesterday, Saturday night was nothing but fun.

I avoided all the calls on Sunday to go down to East Purnt' for a Chili and Bourbon party. Honestly, I couldn't think of anything more caustic to put down my esophagus. I mean that is a great set up for a commercial about heartburn. or erosive esophagitis. or whatever. no, I spent the day inside (though it was quite beautiful out). Feelin' a little antsy, I did make it over to The Mayor's for a salad and pizza.

The more I hear the new track by Madonna, "hung up", the more it is growing on me. Sure, people are going to like it simply because it is Madonna, but I really think this album has the potential to score high in the Billboard Charts. Only 15 days and counting.

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