Monday, October 24, 2005

I ain't afraid of no ghost

Ahh....the weekend. It comes and goes so quickly. Here is what happened....

Friday evening, I joined the group over at Brad and Joel's for a delightful dinner consisting of pork tenderloin, salad courtesy of the Sharley-Turnbulls, and potatoes. Well, I guess they were really big fries so to speak, in both the regular i-da-ho and sweet varieties. Baked of course. The downpour of rain kept us out of the pool and on the porch, but that was fine because I knew that cool weather was on the way. I am with LittleJohn on this one in that I love the cool, crisp, autumn air. Reminds me of my days back at UGA drinkin' Jack and Cokes at 11am at the ATO house on game days. good times indeed.

After dinner, I dropped by LittleJohn's and joined Erik, the Mayor, and HM for a little porch gathering. or was it voyeurism? Not sure, but entertaining nonetheless.

The better part of Saturday was spent on the couch. It was one of those cloudy fall afternoons that made me feel quite lazy. I did manage to watch the GA-Arkansas game and catch up on the usual Superstation 80's films.

Saturday night, I helped Brandon with an event he was producing at Compound. The Coca-Cola company rented out this once scene-and-be-seen nightclub to celebrate the new Aluminum bottle beverage that unfortunately, will not be available in the United States. Makes perfect sense to me, but I'm just saying. Meredith and I worked the "trendsetter VIP list" which was a lot of fun except that the hot security guys could not seem to get the outdoor heaters to work. Luckily, I was dressed appropriately. The front room featured one of the DJs from Hed Kandi so I did have a chance to hear some quality house. Shortly after 10pm, however, things changed very quickly. As we say in health care, "things took a turn for the worse". The music changed to hip hop, the 95.5 the Beat van showed up, and gaggles of overweight girls from Lilburn donning acid washed Palmettos and Nextel two-way radio cell phones strapped to their belts formed long lines to come in and party. I think I may have even seen some flashing necklaces purchased at Spencers gifts as well. I managed to spend some time with Yoga Jason and The Assistant, who was busy hammin' it up on the dancefloor with the girls from the office.

And then there was Sunday. Bret, Klyph, Trey, and I went for a long bike ride down the Silver Comet trail. 20 miles later, were were ready for some food and a beer. We had a pit stop by Bret's for one of his signature Brownies cooked in his new stainless steel oven. Then it was off to Joe's to mingle with the gays. And there were out in full force. Table upon table of them. Every shape and size. The Assistant was in a particularly sassy mood, even going so far as to strut the porch at Joe's as if he were trying out for America's next Top Model. We ate, we drank, and we laughed incessantly, thanks to the brownies of course. At one point I was in tears. Klyph and I decided that a stroll through Blake's was in order, seeing as it was still early and all. And that was real fun. Though I started pounding the Skinnys like they were water and flirting with Daddy McDadderton who I later thought would be fun to hook up with as he is old enough to be my father. Then things get a bit blurry. I remember placing a call to 4th Street with no answer, and finally realized it was time to go. It is always a good feeling to wake up on your couch fully clothed with a half eaten triscuit sitting on your chest. neat. but 11 hours of sleep = no Diane.

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