Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I put my hand upon your hip

6:30 came very early this morning as I realized that I had a Nurse Practice Council meeting at 7am. i had to be there, as I am newly appointed to this position and have missed the past two meetings. for good reason, of course, we are simply too short staffed. so i arrived today in the foundation boardroom only to be greeted to about 20 estrogen-infused women. yes sir, i am the only male on this council. and about two hours into the meeting, I realized why it takes such a long time to change any of our policies, procedures, or standards of practice. they simply cannot make a decision....and so they send the issue at hand to these little sub-committees that only meet on the second thursday of the fifth month on even years. jeesh. talk about going in circles. it was exhausting. i got bored and started counting wedding bands, trying to determine exactly which girls had fallen victim to the "single nurse syndrome". was it the 300lb woman to my left in the homemade scrubs who was sweating the entire time? or the cutesy nursing administration gal to my right with the plaid wool sweater complete with matching tights and a full set of veneers? i give up.

on the music front, word is that the "Dub" of Madonna's new track called "Hung Up" is floating away. that is just what I heard. Next gig: Laslie-Williams AIDS walk brunch.

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