Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Love is Gonna Save the Day

The more I hear the productions and remixes put out by the Soul Avengerz, the more I realize their true love of house music. Having been placed in the subcategory of "funky house", this DJ duo out of London has been on the scene for over a decade. It wasn't until recently that their music really caught my ear. Now, they have remixed Georgia Porgies classic house tune "Love is Gonna Save the Day". Though I still prefer some of the earlier remixes of this track, they still manage to incorporate what I call the Soul Avengerz sound. Other remixes I am feeling include the Lisa Stansfield tune "Little Love", Kaskade - Steppin Out, and the now very popular tune by Sex on Monday titled "Bring back the Love". Quality house music in my book. Check out their website.

And now, a few hump day noticements.....

  1. Bravo's new show "Great Things About Being...." has me laughing. Last night it was "Great Things about Being Queer". I particularly liked the top gay bar names. You know, the double entendre names that can be quite catchy. They included The Manhole, Swinging Richards, and Squirt.
  2. Speaking of Swinging Richards, I am digging the new Friendster website. Now you can add up to 25 pictures, and even see exactly who has viewed your profile. Turns out, of the 3 people that have viewed my profile, one included a dayncer from none other than the Northside Ballet.
  3. Three days and counting until I leave for Charleston. Coming back on Sunday, I just wonder if there is a T-Dance, you know, being Columbus day and all on Monday........
  4. Fall weather is on the way and I am more than ready.

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