Tuesday, October 11, 2005

This Little Light of Mine

This past weekend, I decided to make the long overdue trip to Charleston to visit Becky. I left behind the barbecues and hot tubs, the Greek Festival, and even Wendell's 40th Birthday party that I heard featured several members of the varsity squad as well as a few still in "try outs". It was my first time in Charleston, and I was real real excited. Everyone I talked to in the weeks leading up to this trip had such wonderful things to say about this city. Well, they were right.

The drive up on Friday afternoon was less than fun. It took me well over an hour to make it out to God's country in Conyers. You know, out amongst the enormous strip mall religious institutions that feature slogans such as "God in the Now". Five hours later I pulled into Becky's driveway on James Island. A qwik change later, and me and 5 girls headed to dinner at Blossom. I had the seared tuna with wasabi mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. After dinner, we had drinks at The pavilion Hotel on the rooftop bar. I felt like I was at a middle aged wedding reception as all the women were real drunk and dancing....very badly. a couple of skinnys later and we called it a night.

Saturday morning we had brunch at Sweetwater and then headed downtown to shop. It was then that I realized what a beautiful city Charleston really is. The architecture, the boys in uniform, the restaurants, the boys in uniform, the shopping, the boys in uniform. you get the picture. We stopped by the Coach store to check out the latest selection of purses when Edward McCuterton helped me decide that I really did need a coach wallet. he was tall and handsome so it was an easy sell. and I am not disappointed.

After a stop by Publix for game day essentials, we came home to watch the Bulldawgs beat Tennessee. A couple of Citadel boys that Becky knows stopped by to watch the game with us and that was just fine by me. Oh if only to be that young again..

Many beers later, we headed out for drinks. funny how that happens. First, we went to Henri's where the guido factor was a bit much so we retreated upstairs to lounge on the plush couches and listen to some live music. I vaguely remember making out with Becky's roommate Amy, shagging with Becky, and thinking that the half eaten plate of hot wings sitting on the table next to me would taste really good right about now. We were later joined by Edward McCuterton and decided that we needed to get our dance on at the gay bar. so we stopped the next random car coming down the street, and the driver, Pat, allowed the five of us to pile into his Accord. Pat was new to town having just moved from Boston. He was real cute and nice, so we invited him to join us for a cocktail at Club Pantheon. and he did.

For the next two hours we danced. Well, some of us kissed. I remember looking over at Amy on the dancefloor as she was "lip locked" with a certain "straight mortgage broker" who just happened to have gone to the gay dance club. Acting as a lady should, Amy didn't ask for his number, but he did enter her info into his Blackberry that was strapped to his hip. neat.

Sunday found us at Mimi's Creekside for a little lunch before I was to head back to Atlanta. The crabcake sandwich was very good but not greasy enough to scare away Diane. So, I made room for her in my car and we rode back to Atlanta together. This time, however, I made the trip in just over four hours.


Amy Alexander said...


I'm looking for that Jamiroquai remix of "Feels Just Like it Should" online. Can you hook me up?

DJ JT said...

sure just send me an email and I will get it to you.

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