Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My House on the Nile that's right

It never fails that when the seasons change, so do my tastes in music. And with all of the new house music coming out these days, it had me thinking today about my passion of music and exactly where that comes from. Of course, during the summer when the weather is warm and bright, I tend to go for more vocal summery songs, perfect for playing while sitting out by the pool You know, that warm Ibiza feel, with drums and horns and a certain latin flare. I have even become quite fond of Missy Elliot's production work, and there is no doubt that her music is influenced by early rap and hip hop. Then, as the days get cooler, I find myself listening to more progressive house tunes, with driving basslines and beautiful melodies.

Today I was thinking about my breakdancing birthday party I had as a child growing up in Valdosta, Georgia. For such a young age, I was fairly advanced in my drive and passion for music. I mean, how many people did you know growing up that had a party complete with a Jambox birthday cake, professional breakdancers, and groups of young kids dressed up in parachute pants waiting to break out their signature move on the piece of linoleum purchased from Color Tile. As I was flipping through the pictures (I am bringing one in to put on the board at work where you try to guess who the person is), I must have laughed for almost 10 minutes. As completely foolish as it looks, it was pretty damn cool at the same time. Here are a few pictures from that special day.....

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