Monday, April 18, 2005

Let the Sunshine In

Well, another amazing weekend has come and gone. It has been a long time since I have had this much fun. Let's reCAP, shall we?

Had sushi with Scott on Friday night, then spent a few hours mixin' records at his place. You see, this was a big weekend for me (in terms of DJ'ing), and I was out of practice. So we hit the decks and took turns mixing back and forth, showcasing our new vinyl picks.

Spent the majority of the day on Saturday preparing for the birthday bash for JohnBrown. Bret and I were able to complete all assigned tasks, including stringing the disco ball outside in order to create a "dancefloor" on his patio. And it worked, trust me. Saturday was such a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, and still a little nip in the air, a crispness that felt nice. The air turned colder, however, once the sun went down. But I persevered and managed to spin from 8pm until almost 2am. The party was a huge success, hot boys, good music, great friends, good times. I really loved looking out on Bret's patio at 1am to seem 25 of my friends dancing like there were in a club.

And then there was Sunday. This had to be the most beautiful day Atlanta has seen this spring. My gig was a Shout from 4-8pm, and after some technical difficulties with the sound, everything was okay. The crowd started filling the upstairs terrace by 5pm, and I remember looking out at everybody standing along the railing, talkin', drinkin', and socializing. And, for a moment, it ALMOST felt like we were standing at the Boat Slip in P-Town. I guess this party is the closest thing Atlanta could call a T-Dance. And it was fun. Beautiful crowd. A few dancing queens where were having a big time. Then there was my hot DJ assistant who assisted me several times during the afternoon. Couldn't get any better than that.....well, maybe a little better.

After breaking into the 16 minute extended Thunderpuss mix of Miss Houston's "It's not right, but it's okay", I had several people request Deborah Cox. And I thought I was introducing house music to these people? Go figure.

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