Friday, April 29, 2005

And all of my Senses Tell me Danger

So today is the first day I have felt like a real person. I mean, I am still not functioning at 100%, but at least I can hear equally out of both ears. And that is a good thing, especially when you are a DJ and rely on your ears to help you spin.

Some random things I am diggin':

  • my hand made Italian bowls I received for my birthday
  • Anything produced or remixed by Stonebridge
  • The double hair pump, hot, 6'3" sales rep in town from Portland, Oregon. He was Cruisey McCruiserton today and he's in town for the weekend......
  • The new Fischerspooner CD...Quality.
  • Steve Porter's new track "Drama Queen".

That's all folks. Oh, and remember, it takes more than one night to create a masterpiece, but I promise, new music is on the way.....ahem.

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