Wednesday, April 13, 2005

One Word

To this day, it still amazes me how much music is really out there. And I mean all genres. I keep up to date on house music by perusing music message forums. Here, people from all of the world discuss new pieces of vinyl they picked up at their local record stores, hot remixes from the top producing djs worldwide, and obscure, white labels that are often difficult to find. And still, there are thousands of records and tracks that go unheard.

I have been reading a lot about Kelly Osbourne lately. Seems that her next record will be a dance album, as she is ditching the rock n roll for an entirely different sound. Her first single "One Word" has already been remixed by Chris Cox among others. If you remember Chris Cox, he was 1/2 of Thunderpuss, a very successful DJ duo that included Barry Harris as his sidekick. They remixed hundreds of songs that later became gay anthems in clubs across the world. Remixes of Whitney, Madonna, and Mary J Blige. In 2003, they decided to split apart and pursue solo projects. And to be honest, I have never cared for any of Chris's remixes...until now. One word is simply a beautiful track, and Chris has taken a nice "house avenue" and straying away from his signature "harder, diva style" sound. This track will have to get much play this weekend, so listen out!

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