Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Haven't Been Funked Enough

Busy, busy weekend. That is all I can say. Here is what happened.

Friday night was the annual Fat Tuesday party at Rock Bottom brewery. This event started many years ago when the bar Fat Tuesday was still around, and after it closed, well, they just kept the name. The two biggest cardiology groups I work with fund the party, and it is an opportunity for everyone if the heart center to come together and eat, socialize, and basically...drink. After the trays of tequila shots started arriving, things got pretty wild. I left just as the digital camera was going around to take "cleavage shots". I wasn't wearing my padded wonder bra so I scooted out unnoticed.

I headed over to Mid City Cafe to have a drink and catch up with Jefferson. He and Brett were spinning and it was a nice way to end the evening.

Saturday I spun a party at the clubhouse of my condo for a friend who is moving to Orlando. Excellent food and nice crowd.

Saturday night I attended a going away party for Mr. McGinnis. The weather could not have been better, and I ran into a lot of old friends. Somewhere around midnight I took over as DJ and the next thing I know, I am dancing in the living room with Chris, Barclay, Erik, and Mr. Lex. Fun, fun, fun.

Another solid time was had by all on Sunday at Shout. We managed to avoid the rain, and the turnout was descent in my opinion. I received a lot of positive feedback on some new tunes I tried out. And I finished off the night with dinner at Einstein's with some of the boys.

Next up, Memorial Day in Atlanta.

TOTD: Big Bang Theory - Haven't Been Funked Enough (Seamus Haji Mix)...been feeling this way, I mean track lately.

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