Thursday, May 05, 2005

My Heart

If you like house music, then you probably know of Big Love Records. Unfortunately, a certain Billboard DJ I am friends with has never heard of its founder Seamus Haji. Seamus started DJing at the young age of 16, and has gained popularity over the past 10 years as a fine house DJ. I have enjoyed most all of his remixes, and his production work is top notch. Not only does he remix other artists using his real name, but there are several other personalities that he takes on such as 11th dimension, mekkah, and big bang theory to name a few. I love how these DJs will remix an artist under a surname, often times revealing a different sound under these names. This keeps them from being pigeonholed into one category or genre of music. v.v. cool. anywho, Seamus Haji has remixed Granite & Phunk's (another great DJ duo) new song "My Heart" and you can listen to a clip here. Me likey.

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