Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Nickle Bag Da Funk

As much as this blog is about my life, I must admit that part of my reason in taking on this challenge was to share my interest in music with everyone that visits my site. So, I thought a list of the top tunes I am feeling at the moment is in order. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Steve Mac - That Big Track
I totally slept on this tune the first time around, then I played it a few weeks ago @Shout and it got a lot of attention. What a beautiful track. Word is, they are adding a vocal to this already perfect track and are calling it "Loving you More".

2. Martin Solveig - Everybody
From the guy who brought you "Rockin Music", this song in its original form is very difficult to mix into a set. The DJ friendly edit, however, fits nicely.

3.Madison Park - Ocean Drive (Lenny B's extended Club Mix)
This group from Atlanta that released a full length album one year ago returns with a remix by Lenny B. The original CD is great, with one track titled "Boutique" written for none other than John McDonald that owns Twelve here in Midtown. Don't confuse this group with Madison Avenue.

4.Freemasons - Love on my Mind
This disco tune has received much remix action in the past several months. I have both the King Unique remix as well as the extended remix on vinyl, both out on Loaded Records. Top tune.

5.Andrea Britton - Am I on your Mind (Steve Porter Remix)
This old Backstreet tune has received the proper remix treatment from none other than Boston's Steve Porter. Such a nice blend of house and progressive, sure to fit into any set with ease.

6.C-mos - 2 million ways (Axwell remix)
Loved this track the minute I heard it. Kind of funky, with that spoken male vocal.

7.Moby - Lift me up (Mylo Remix)
It seems that any track that Mylo remixes is a hit, and this is no exception. Though very simple and minimalistic, this is the perfect spring/summer track to make you feel good and want to dance.

8.Granite & Phunk - My heart (Seamus Haji and Paul Emanuel remix)
Absolutely loving this track out on Big Love records. I am a huge fan of both the artist and the remixers in this case. Seamus Haji is on a role this spring.

9.New Order - Jetstream (Tom Neville Remix)
New Order returns with a hot new tune with remixes by Tom Neville and The Thin White Duke (aka Jacque Le Cont) to name a few. Sure to be a big summer hit.

10.Axwell - Feel the Vibe (Seamus Haji remix)
I have been rocking the original of this track for many months, and it seems that Seamus again can do no wrong. Very similar sound to his remix of "Last night a DJ saved my life" with that catchy damn bassline.

11.Bush 2 Bush - Piano Track
Any track these days with piano and/or guitars is a winner in my book, and this is no exception. I first heard this song on a set from Desyn Masiello live from Nikki Beach at the WMC in Miami this past March. Set to be released next month, this is sure to be a summer anthem.

12.Moby - Raining Again (Steve Angello remix)
Wow, what a tune. Brand new in the house music world, this song has a very Eric Prydz electro 80's feel, and it fucking rocks!

13.Weekend World - Rainchimes
With not a lick of a vocal, this is a really beautiful track I recently discovered after hearing my friend Jefferson Tyler's new mix for Frisco Sessions. Proper tune.

14.The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Thin White Duke remix)
Again, a track that is best enjoyed in a large club with a great sound system. My friend Brandon Sutton told me about this track several months ago, and I just wasn't impressed until I heard Sander Kleinenberg end his set at Eleven50 with this tune. Awesome.

15.Polyphonics feat. Hasina Sheik - Nightlights (Seamus Haji Vocal Mix)
I have been rocking this tune at Shout for months and it has received much support. Perfect T-Dance tune. Happy, vocal , uplifting.

16.Tim Hudson - The Man with the Yellow Shoes
I just discovered this track, and it is very reminiscent of "Hoochie Coochie Man" out a few years back. Very light and summery feel. Love it.

17.Alex Gaudino and Jerma pres Lil' Love - Little Love
I have really enjoyed anything remixed or produced by this guy, and this hot new tune is no exception. Proper house track.

18.Poker Pets - Lovin' You (ATFC remix)
I have been reading about this track for month, and finally it gets released.

19.Max Graham - Does she know Yet
Ever since his recent remix of Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart, Max Graham has become one of my favorite progressive House DJs. He maintains a nice house feel with a progressive edge without becoming too dark and monotonous. Check this out of fo sho.

20.Dab Hands - Super Good
I don't know why I like this track, but it must be because of the catchy guitar riff. After a few listens, this track will grow on you.

So that's it, just a few of the tunes in my arsenal of big music. Come hear me this weekend and Shout and I may throw in a few here and there.



Shaneus said...

That is a fantastic tracklisting... you've inspired me to work on a new mix disc... thanks!

PS From the looks of things, you might be interested in checking out the Jamx & De Leon remix of Blue Monday :)

Dee said...

Any chance of mp3 song samples in the future?

Anonymous said...


Came across your site last night whilst looking for the name of Can't Explain (Bombdogs)... you've got great taste in music!

UK clubber Jody