Saturday, November 04, 2006

coming soon to a pillow near you

well diane sure is enjoying this beautiful fall day. so much she won't leave. here's how she got here....

last night was friday night wine and roa't night over at johnbrown's. our core group of friends assimilated, some of us later than others, to basically eat and drink as much as possible. we were graced by an out of towner, Shawn, who I haven't seen since Ptown. and she is really a lot of fun. dinner was wonderful as usual. Roa't chicken, asparagus, mashed potatoes, and johnbrown's signature salad. the red wine was flowing, and soon we all had a nice buzz.

cut ot Midcity Cafe, where we met up with Kelli, Anthony, Holger, and soon the gays had taken over that place. Jefferson was laying down a fantastic house set, and I even got to spin a few tunes while he took a "bathroom break". and so i seized the opportunity to play chris robyler's favorite tune he appropriately named "butter".

cut to todd and brad's house for a night cap, and believe it or not, I was actually the one to leave first.

and there was diane this morning. what would a saturday be without her?

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PnB said...

For the recond: While 'he' might enjoy the song 'twas I who labled it butter (see your prior postings circa summer 2005) for how I described Butter in all its flowing form...