Monday, November 27, 2006

Is that a geiger counter? Noooo, it's an ionization chamber....

temperatures in the 70's in late November? only in atlanta.

Billy's party in Kirkwood on friday night was really fun. Johnbrown and erik picked me up and we headed to the hood. erik impatiently served as the back seat driver and navigation system all packaged into one. but we did manage to make it unscathed.

His house is really beautiful, but i found the mix of people at the party to be more interesting. a pair of 6'4" gay twins that i haven't seen in years (erik immediately latched onto one of them), a Paraguayan pediatric nurse, and a brazilian spin teacher at the piedmont hospital gym. can you say SAOP mission? the most interesting guest was a pierced guy who arrived carrying a gym bag claiming he was there to "spin". I immediately thought he was my competition, only imagining him whipping out one of those IPOD mixers and a pair of headphones. instead, he was there to spin fire in the backyard. different...yes.

Saturday night, Tim and I had dinner at Mitra. not realizing it was lesbian hour, i made reservations that really weren't needed. I had the seared ahi tuna over a bed of black rice risotto. and he had the organic chicken with asparagus. mmmm......asparagus.

the play over at actor's express, Based on a totally true story, was enjoyable, but definitely not my favorite. it's the story of a playwright and comic book writer who is approached by hollywood to turn his play into a movie. and as the lead character becomes more and more involved with this project, his relationship with his boyfriend suffers. in addition, he also had to deal with his relationship with his parents and their failing marriage. you can probably finish this story....

and then there was sunday. The "gay bike group" (bret, trey, john, kevin, and I) met up in piedmont park and we set off for a spectacular ride. perfect day for one in fact. through the va highlands, over to freedom park, on to kirkwood, and finally stopping for lunch and a few beers at the Universal Joint in Oakhurst. I came home, showered, and was in bed watching Brokeback Mountain at 7:30pm. Now that sounds respectable, don't it???

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ThatGuy said...

I really like Mitra - it has never disappointed me. Oh if men could only be more like good restaurants.