Friday, November 24, 2006

giving thanks.

I really do love Thanksgiving. every year, my immediate and extended family gathers for a full day of drinking, eating, and catching up. this year, the festivities were held at my parents house out in scarietta. and the house was packed, as this year we welcomed 35 people. but let's talk about wednesday night first.

against my will, i joined everyone at the sharley-turnbulls for cocktails, and soon we departed for Eleven50 for the annual pre-thanksgiving-go-out-and-dance-with-your-shirt-off-amongst-the-thankful-gay-boys-night. The music was terrible as I knew it would be, but he crowd was fun and happy as it always is on holiday nights. there is something about the holidays that brings out the guys that never go out, so it truly is a lot of fun. we danced well into the morning, and i left just as the music turned into sounds, not songs.

my cousin arrived from Denver around noon on thursday, and todd and i picked her up at the MARTA station and headed north. and what a good time was had by all. 2 turkeys, 1 hams, all the yummy sides, and for dessert...... well, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and black russian kahlua cake. it really was brave of my good friend todd to accompany me to such a festive event, as it can be quite overwhelming to step into a house of 35 drunks. but he held is own very well, even becoming big buddies with my cousin Carol, who i haven't seen in over 7 years. she's a special ed teacher out in cartersville, and we appropriately named her "Thanksgiving Pat". She likes to party that one.

so now it's the weekend and i am looking forward to yes, my 3rd date tomorrow night. yikes.

pictures below tell the story....

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