Saturday, November 18, 2006

we listened to it twice, cause the DJ was asleep

last night, i went to see Regina Spektor in concert at the Roxy Theatre. Having never really heard of this talented musician other visiting her website earlier in the week, i was interested to see what the show would be like. Apparently, she has quite a big following, as the show was sold out and people were standing around outside in hopes of finding a ticket.

The crowd could be described as crunchy-hippy-lesbian-granola but obviously very loyal and long time supporters of Regina. This was obvious as the annoying girl behind us insisted on singing every song loudly in my right ear. thanks.

To say that Regina has a beautiful voice is an understatement. It's brilliant, stunning, gorgeous. i suppose you could compare her to tori amos meets bjork meets ani difranco. her songs are quirky, with poetic lyrics spread over lush piano melodies. different....yes. i'm not sure if the rest of my group enjoyed the show as much as i did, but they certainly appreciated her talent as a musician.

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