Thursday, November 30, 2006

you must not know 'bout me

well it's that time again. the annual Piedmont Hospital kraft bazaar. This year while perusing the endless line of tables of stuff, i counted 37 christmas sweaters. and i mean all kinds, from cardigans, to sweatshirts, to even jazzy little denim dresses complete with bedazzled santas. my how the ladies love to don the holiday sweaters this time of year. i really didn't find many things of interest, except for the butch lesbian with dental caries who was selling CD wallets made out of old license plates. there i was on my hands and knees looking through boxes for a CD wallet with PAULDING county on it. no luck. and i was going to give it to Eric for 'Critmas. i did enjoy her story of spending the entire day in a junk yard yanking these license plates off of old, broken down cars.

this weekend should be big fun. the toy party on sunday is always a great event, and it's nice to see all of gay atlanta come together for a good cause. especially since it provides an opportunity to show off your newest chemise (thanks johnbrown) and jeans from the Diesel corner at Universal Queer. and they were only marked up 20%. what a deal.

y'all be good and have a coke if you're thirsty.

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