Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i got all kinds of m-grams in my head...

for some reason, i have scientology on my mind today. maybe it's because i have been watchin' Betty, or maybe it's because it appears as if Tom and Katie may actually get married. and i thought they had a secret contract stating that they wouldn't, because everyone knows he is gay.

I met Robert this evening for dinner over at Dressed. The space is really cool, very minimal, with lacquered concrete floors, white walls, and artwork on the walls in the colors of green and orange. I had a grilled chicken asian salad, and Robert chose the traditional caesar salad with anchovies. Both were very tasty, and you can even build your own salad if you wish. I do hope this place does well as we were the only people dining tonight.

and so it appears that my trip to Amsterdam on Friday night may not have been a total failure. the handsome gent that i spoke to briefly that night called this afternoon, and I may have landed a date.....what's that?

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