Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Love Mysterious

I think i was back in 2003 when my friend Brandon Sutton introduced me to Kaskade and his music. And ever since then I have been addicted. in fact, he is probably one of my favorite straight up house DJs with miguel migs coming in a close second. through the years, i have managed to incorporate at least some of his original productions or remixes into every set i spin.

besides the fact that he is incredibly cute, he is also a really nice guy. the first time i heard him spin was a few years ago on a thursday night at The Mark. The turnout was rather lame that night, and while waiting to hit the turntables, i spent a solid thirty minutes talking with him; about his upcoming studio work, remixes, and just music in general. what a thrill that was for me.

and ever since, I have been a huge fan of this very talented San Francisco DJ/producer. Most of his original work features lush guitar driven riffs and beautiful vocalists. Joslyn, one of the vocalists who has appeared on his earlier albums including "it's you, it's me", and "In the Moments", has one of the most beautiful voices i have ever heard. She has also recently released a solo album that is available on itunes and I highly recommend it.

Now Kaskade emerges with his third album titled "Love Mysterious". This time, he has left the west coast house label OM Records where all of his previous work was released and has joined with Ultra Records. The first release is a sweet vocal laden track called "be still" with remixes emerging just last month from Jay-J and Robbie Rivera. The next single that is due to be released this month is called "Stars Align".

Apparently, this album is said to have more of a "big room sound". and of course he is on tour with the new album as well, and if you have a chance, you should really check him out. The last time he came to Atlanta was back in February at Eleven50 and it was quite a show. And that is when I noticed that he did have a more progressive, big room sound, while still throwing down an excellent house set. He is the only DJ that could throw in Mylo's remix of Freeform 5 - no more conversation into a straight up house set and get away with it. and his mixing is some of the tightest i have ever heard.

Turns out, he will be back at Eleven50 on December 9th, and I plan on attending. check out his website for more info. Posted by Picasa

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